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LIVE weekly study sessions so we can grow together!

Here are a few reasons we don't study the Bible more:
  • We don't understand what we're reading.
  • We don't have the time or discipline.
  • We feel alone and lack drive.

But we DO know that consistent Bible study helps us to feel more grounded, more hopeful, and more sure in our faith!

Here's how we overcome those struggles...
  • Saturday morning LIVE Bible study sessions. Grab your journal and Bible because we're going to read the Word for ourselves, learn a little about the passage, and share what we learned. This is such a powerful time and the highlight of our Bible study group!
  • You're also invited to join other LIVE sessions, like our community "Coffee Dates," seasonal Book Clubs and LIVE YouTube recording sessions with Diana and Dawn.
  • Plus, interact daily on our own (non-Facebook) platform where I post updates and encouragement and we get to know each other, and share helpful information and tips.

Is this the right season for you to grow in your Bible study habits and faith?

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A few areas where we strengthen each other....

If you want to read and study the Bible but don't know where to start
We have a Bible reading plan that we go through together, and community spaces to discuss and ask questions

If you read the Bible, but don't understand what it means
You're not alone! Our weekly guided Bible studies give cultural, original language and contextual insights to help you learn

If you don't have like-minded friends in the faith right now
My number one desire is for each of us to have local, in-person community, but that's not always possible. So we use technology to connect and grow in powerful ways!
Join our online Bible Study Community today!
  • LIVE guided Bible study each Saturday at 8:30am CST (replay available)
  • LIVE community coffee dates, book clubs, and check-in calls
  • Connect with others and build community on our own (non-Facebook) platform
  • No commitment, quit any time
Frequently asked questions...
If you're ready to study the Bible together,


If this is your season to spend more time in the Bible with other like-minded women, we'd love to have you!

The Saturday morning Bible studies (LIVE at 8:30am CST) are the key to our community. If you're free to join most weeks at that time (or able to catch the replays) this may be the group for you!


I'm Diana

I firmly believe that studying the Bible was never meant to be done alone, and we grow more when we engage together!

So, let's take a journey of studying the Bible, developing a lifestyle of prayer, and most importantly, letting our light shine for the sake of the world around us!

I have served in Christian radio, as a teaching pastor in the local church, and now I'm passionate about sharing Bible study and faithful living content on social media. 

I'm also pursuing my doctorate in Theology (one class at a time!) while raising our young family, along with my husband Princeton, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul outskirts.

I would love to share this journey with you and I look forward to getting to know you more! Please reach out with questions here. And find new content every week at the links below :-)